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What is BugMud


Proven relief from Spider, Mosquito & Ant bites. 

Natural Product

BugMud is a natural clay based product containing herbs & botanicals,

It soothes & offers relief for insect bites.

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How BugMud came to be...

BugMud was created by  Donna LiAne to get some relief from a severe spider bite when nothing else worked. After about 6 weeks of trying everything available for purchase over the counter sometimes all at the same time, she was desperate for anything that would work. Being a long time beauty professional & believer in Natural Remedies she started playing with some natural products she had onhand. Some of the products did nothing while others gave a little temporary relief. When some of those products were mixed together, BugMud as it has come to be known by those already using it was created. Within 48hrs the bite was no longer painful, itchy & oozy which she whole heartedly believes would not have happened otherwise. Forward 3 years, many clients, friends, family, and  extended friends & family of theirs, have used this product for Mosquito bites, Spider & Ant bites and requested more. It was their belief in & love for this product kept them pushing and encouraging Donna LiAne to "Get It Out There!"

The Spider Bite

 So this is where it all began ... 

 This is the actual spider bite that led to the creation of BugMud!

This pic was taken less than a week in to the 6+ week ordeal and got much worse until I got so desperate that I started trying anything & everything to get relief.

 💕  🐛DL



Testimonials & Other Info

DJ Sass N Jazz from says....


Hi Donna,
Used the BugMud on that Ant Bite … Works Like A Dream!!!
Thank You DJ Sass N Jazz  
Donna LiAne I had to send you a quick note to let you know I tied this on a random spot that could have been a spider bite .. not sure but didn't give it time to manifest into something ugly and overnight it was just GONE!
Love This Stuff!!! DJ Sass

Pat G. Says...

I suffer from a severe reaction to Mosquito Bites, wasp stings, bee stings and spider bites. In the old days I would cover the bite area with clear nail polish or clear model cement. That would seal the poison from the sting or bite in so it would take days for the bite to reduce. BugMud begins to draw out the poison immediately thereby stopping the stinging or itching while drawing out the poison. I could actually see the results of the poison being drawn out by the BugMud. Stings and Bites are reduced quickly and the healing is fast thanks to BugMud. Thank You Donna LiAne for developing this product.

Wandering Will Says...


- This Product is Amazing!
I suffer from a bad reaction to Mosquito bites and have tried just about all the commercial products
- BugMud beats them all !   
It stops the annoying itch within seconds of applying it to the bite.  I can honestly say my bites go down in a matter of hours and not days as with commercial products.
I was given some by Donna LiAne while traveling in the states. I was skeptical at first however being covered in itchy mozzie bites I gave it a try.  I can wholly recommend this amazing product.
Wandering Will (UK, Spain & wherever my feet wander)

June 12 ·
To  all my USA friends, this is a product from a good friend of mine and it  really is amazing on bug bites.... Mosquito bites stop itching  immediately.... Try 1 pot... you will not go wrong with this.. it beats  all the products you can get in the shops... believe me... I have tried  just about all of them !

Will Geordie English  For insect bites my friend invented it and I have used it on several occasions and it stops the itch and reduces inflammation in minutes :-)       Alan Langridge to  Will Geordie English  And I can 2nd that... bloody mosquito got me, covered the bite with bugmud and it stopped itching within minutes.


  • Q. What's in it?
  • A. A proprietary blend of herbs & other natural agents added to a clay base.

  • Q. How do you use it?
  • A. Apply to clean dry skin directly on the affected area, allow to dry completely and repeat until sufficient relief is obtained.

  • Q. Is it Safe for Children?
  • A. While this product has been used on children as young as 2 years old, please use discretion & caution when applying any new products to children.

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Product Availability

BugMud Comes in Jars & Pumps


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For Now All BugMud Orders will only be accepted via email.   

Invoices will be sent to the email you provide  & Must be paid prior to shipping.

Available in:

  • 1oz Jar $17.95*
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  • 1 1/2oz Pump $27.95*
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All invoices must be paid prior to shipping.



Site Content

Kaitlyn E Rogers  recommends BugMud.

July 24 · 

Amazing product works wonders on me and my children

Saul N Britt  recommends BugMud.

July 26 ·

 Bugmud was introduced to me by a good friend. Since using this product the first time it is our go to now.   -my daughter got bit by a spider 🕷 on her leg and we applied the bugmud 3 times and it took all the poison out.   Highly recommend this product 



Bianca Guevara  recommends BugMud.

August 12 at 7:46 PM · BugMud AMAZINGLY WORKS! ✨   


 Bianca Guevara  he applied a little more. but that thin of a layer really did wonders so quickly!
~~~~~~~~~  BugMud  I  honestly recommend applying a thicker and more deliberate amount at the point of impact/bite itself because as it dries it draws .. a little  more of this clay based product in a smaller more controlled application  will work even more wonders 🐛💕


Bianca Guevarato BugMudAugust 12 at 8:03 PM · this was our FIRST time trying it!   so my brother was scratching his foot & said “i think something bit  me b..” so i was like “OMG! this nice lady name Donna gave  me & some friends samples of her product & rlly said it works!!  so let’s try it out!” we did our research of course. while he was  applying LITERALLY less than 2 minutes after. he was like “B.. it  doesn’t itch anymore.” so i was amazingly shook! 😲then we did a little photo shoot for her page ✨Thank you SO MUCH Donna for your magical & ALL NATURAL INGREDIENT product:   ♥️ BugMud! ♥️  


keep your bugmud in handy at all times!

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Important Info:

  • For external use only.
  • Keep out of reach or children.
  • If skin irritation occurs stop using this product.
  • If you are allergic to any ingredient in this product do not use it without medical supervision. 
  • With all of the natural elements if allergic reaction occurs seek appropriate medical attention immediately. 


Allspice Berry, Bentonite, Calendula, Citronellol, Clove Stems, Eucalyptus, Geraniol, Ginger Root, Glycerin, Iron Oxides (Ci#77492), Kaolin, Lavender Petal, Linalool, Magnesium Sulfate, Methylparaben, Oats, Phenoxyethanol, Propylene Glycol, Rosemary, Sodium Hydrogen C, Water, and Zinc Oxide,